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Welcome! This Wiki is for collecting as many recorded sound changes across various world languages, primarily for the use of reference for conlanging.

This website uses the IPA to record phonemes and a few other symbols representing phoneme groups and for specificity purposes. There is a link to not only the IPA symbols used, but also the definitions of the various groups and other symbols.

Front Central Back
Close i y ɨ ʉ ɯ u
Near - Close ɪ ʏ ɪ̈ ʊ̈ ɯ̽ ʊ
Close - Mid e ø ɘ ɵ ɤ o
Mid ø̞ ə ɵ̞ ɤ̞
Open - Mid ɛ œ ɜ ɞ ʌ ɔ
Near - Open æ œ̞ ɐ ɞ̞ ʌ̞ ɔ̞
Open a ɶ ä ɒ̈ ɑ ɒ

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